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We have just returned from 3 wonderful days in Siem Reap. We are so happy that we engaged Sovann Eath as our tour guide. Sovann is everything you would expect of a tour guide. He has in-depth knowledge of the sites and places in & around Siem Reap. Having been a school-teacher for 8 years, Sovann's communication skills and command of English language are sound. He has a pleasant sense of humour and takes pride in providing quality service. He picked us up from the airport and then drove us everywhere in his air-con car throughout the 3 days. The ice-cold water and cold towels were most refreshing when we returned to the car from the hot outdoors. He tailored the itinerary such that we avoided the tourist bus throngs. He organized our restaurant bookings and massage appointments and drove us to the markets and waited until we had finished. At the end of the 3 days, we not only learn about the temples and places we visited, but also about the culture, history, traditions and everyday life in Cambodia. And for anyone visiting Siem Reap and looking for an air-con car and English speaking guide, Sovann Eath is very highly recommended.

Suraj, Australian

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We were back home from the trip to Cambodia ( Angkor ), We enjoyed tour so much with you. You are a great guide and we would like to recommend to anyone who likes to visit Angkor. We were staying at Angkor Holiday Hotel which has a good location in the center of town. We just walked a few minutes to the Night Market and Central Market, our room kept cool all day with air-con and very good services of hotel staff. We liked breakfast in this hotel so much and want to recommend this hotel for staying during your visit in Angkor. You provided us a good rate of this hotel booking. Thank you for taking care of both of us.

Jeffrey USA

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I came back from my visit in Siem Reap, it was an unforgettable trip in my life because I hired a handsome young guide, Sovann Eath (David), he took me to see as many temples as possible from morning till sunset, he never show his face tired of me, he was always smile all the time and every evening he took me to local restaurants with delicious Cambodian food, I would recommend Amok Soup with either fish or chicken with the coconut flavor. He speaks very good English with great command of English speaking, one of the reliable, punctual, friendly tour guide. He was everything I need during my trip in Angkor, you won't be regret to have him as your tour guide in Angkor.

John, United Kingdom.
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I understand that some would rather go it alone without a guide but my experience was the opposite. I am an art and architecture professional and had done a good deal of research before my visit but the insight and information our guide had to offer was invaluable. The ability to name the hundred of characters in each narrative frieze, having in-depth information on each site, directing us to the real local restaurants and not the touristy ones, not to mention his humor and warm personality ... these were only a few of the things that made our 10 day trip an experience of a lifetime. He made our visit the best it could be. Having spent a good deal of money to get to Siem Reap I am so glad that I had the good sense to spend a bit more to get the most from our visit.

Lisa US

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I visited Angkor Wat in April 2010 with my family. We were lucky enough to see this marvelous great structure ever build on earth. However, nothing I have ever seen prepared me for the majesty that is Angkor Wat- it truly is amazing & is a wonder that you must see to experience it as pictures do not do it justice. I strongly believe you must spend a minimum of three days & longer would be more preferable. We spent 5 days there & still didn't get to see everything. Go now before a lot more people start to go- it is already overcrowded. We visited many temples such as Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Banteay Srie and other distance temples such as Phnom Kulen and Beng Melea. We love Angkor Wat the most and we went there twice during sunrise and sunset, the two period of visit make us have different feels.

Try to get a hotel with a pool. It is amazing the difference a dip in the pool can make to cool you off- especially during middle day (hot in April).

Get a guide- one of the key whom reveal the mysterious history of Angkor and we firmly believe that we gained a lot more knowledge of the ruins having a guide. He knew where to take the best photo's, which temples to see at what time, pointed out things to us we did not notice, etc. He also pointed things out to us we would have never seen or noticed on our own. We felt the price is worth it. We also knew he took some back roads through the ruins that we would have never known how to take on our own. We also saw people trying to read the guidebooks while at the ruins.

We had a wonderful tour guide and I am very happy to recommend him. He was a delight to be with and we got to know so much more about Cambodia, Angkor Wat and the people because of him. He undoubtedly saved us money as he helped us buy bus tickets (the hotel wanted a commission), brought us to a laundry, knew what things cost, gave us advice on how to save money etc. He was always on time and checked if everything we had prepared before starting the tour. We enjoyed his attitude and a vast knowledge. He speaks fluent English while he used to be an English teacher for almost ten years. He has been a guide for 9 years.

I won't comment on biking (no chance my mom, sister, and I were touring by bike), but I have to agree with the posts in favor of a guide and a car with A/C. The car was an oasis after sweating out in the ruins, and I think we would have turned in much sooner each day without the cool breaks. We had plenty of tuk tuk rides going to the markets and dinner. And maybe we just lucked out because he was assigned by our hotel, but our guide, David, was just right--plenty of detail for me but no overload. I would have felt like I was missing something if I hadn't had the historical background, and I don't think a book would have done it (though my mom had her dog-eared Dawn Rooney handy at all times). We also appreciated David's humor along the way when we needed a little levity from too much family time. His tour was a huge part of what I'll remember from the trip, so I can't imagine going without a guide. In case you're still trying to find a guide. Whoever you have, you should feel comfortable telling your guide your priorities, and I'm sure they'll work around them. It was an amazing trip--I'd go back for another trip in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

Carolina Finngan

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Our second stay was as good if not better than the first time we stayed. Its still a top notch property with top notch staff who pamper the guests. Facilites, grounds and accompodations are superb as is the food. We weren't sure if we could get the same guide as before but found him again on - he did a terrific job and we would highly recommned him as he speaks perfect english - guide was Eath Sovann but you can call him David.

Eric Grossman

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Personal Testimonial for Ratanak Eath

Me and my girlfriend visited Siem Reap between 19-21st of August 2010. We had 3 fantastic days in the town and around the temples with Ratanak Eath(Nak), David's brother . He is an excellent tour guy and a very careful driver. Our program was flexible so whenever we were ready Nak was waiting us to start the tour. Nak speaks excellent english, clear, very well understood, he has very good knowledge of the history of the temples and for each temples he knows the best angles to take great photographs. We saved time since Nak knows when visit each temples at specific time of the day avoiding the crowds.
Except from the main temples around Angkor Wat, We have been to Banteay Srie as well which is around 30 minute drive. On our way back we asked Nak to stop and take several pictures of rural Cambodia life. We have taken some excellent photos. Also we had the opportunity to visit a real floating village (not a touristic one like the one we visited in Thailand) which is also highly recommended. Again this is an opportunity for a lot of photographs. Generally we had a lovely time, experience to remember thanks to Nak's knowledge we learned a lot. Highly recommended. thanks for everything.

Micheal Charalabous - Cyprus
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Engaged Ratanak Eath (Nak) for a 2 day private tour covering Angkor Temples, Tonle Sap and City Highlights. This guy fantastic!
1) He speaks SUPERB ENGLISH (without local Khmer slang). This is very important as you will be able to appreciate Cambodia, Angkor Temples, Hinduism, Buddhism and Khmer Rouge better. Based on his target audience (culture, age group), he conducts his tour in a suitable manner.
2) He is very much knowledgeable and intellectual. Not just about Cambodia, but also world current affairs. Hence he is able to give his personal macro view on Cambodia.
3) A lot of initiative. He listens and subtly help you solve your problems.
4) He never rush you, and knows where and when to bring you around (best spot and when there are lesser crowd).
5) He speaks conversational Spanish!
6) He is a keen photographer who not only helps you to take nice pictures, he uses his SLR for some semi pro shots.
7) Young, driven, motivated and PROFESSIONAL. Very much a humorous person.

Strongly recommend. Nice car with generous supply of water and towel.

Zijun Ang - Singapore
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Ratanak was amazing to deal with right from the start. He responded promptly to an email request and followed up days before we were due to arrive to assure us he would meet us at the designated time. Nak also was happy to tailor our tour to what WE wanted to do and when WE wanted to do it. He ensured we missed all the crowds by timing each temple visit just right! Nak is very knowledgeable about all the temples and history as he has studied these for many years but also makes it very interesting.
Ratanak can not only speak good english but also understands it very well too. This made a huge difference! He knew all the perfect photo spots and discreetly took photos on his own camera that he shared with us at the end of our two day tour. Fanatastic Memories!!!!!!!

Nicki Mcmullen - New Zealand
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Sharon and I herewith want to thank you again for the great job you did as a guide during our stay in your City of Siem Reap, we so enjoyed our visits to the sites of the temples and the city as well as the trip to Tonle Sap Lake with the bird preservation area. The local hotel lodging arrangement and transportation were also very good. Angkor Home Hotel is very clean with good services and nice breakfast. We really like to stay in Siem Reap so much. The transportation is very clean, big space, drive slowly so we can see a lots along the road with beautiful countryside.

We were really impressed with your knowledge with regard to the History of your Country and the sites we visited, as well your command of the English language which is almost like a our Canadian accent. We also enjoyed your company with great outgoing personality. We truly want to visit your country again and hope that you can be our guide when this happens, we also recommend your services and a visit to Cambodia to everyone. If we make any another trip to Cambodia it would be long stay there.

Peter Wilemse - Canada.

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I have been traveling to Cambodia at the end of year 2009 and I found the experience wonderful and want to recommend to my friends to visit Siem Reap. I seem enjoy Siem Reap the best with temples, floating village and people. I met a great guide and the driver whom provided flexibility to do other options if I wanted. Ratanak Eath was always on time, very helpful. When I needed time on my own at a place he provided flexibility to let me explore and take photos after providing information, and he is informative made my time in Siem Reap very enjoyable which also take me to the orphanage which I really wanted to do. Could not recommend Ratanak high enough. You will receive a great memory and enjoyable time in Angkor with Ratanak.

Kylie Christison Australia.

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My guide had prepared an excellent four day itinerary before I arrived in Siem Reap which I would recommend to anyone who plans to stay for less than a week. We went to the main temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom,Ta Prohm, and adjacent areas. We also went to Kbal Spean,Banteay Srei, Beng Melea, as well as two places on Tonle Sap lake, the floating village at Chong Kneas and Kompong Kleang with its houses on stilts. I enjoyed discovering the culture as much as exploring the monuments. Ratanak took me to meet his family at his home in Dam Dek along the way to Kompong Kleang and we took a photograph together. That added a special memory to my trip. I only came as a tourist, but I have a feeling that I will return to Cambodia.

Kim Frasse US

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My trip to Angkor was amazing – what you will see you will remember forever – sunrise and sunset are unforgettable. It was made even more special with an amazing guide, Ratanak Eath.

This is not a tour as you may know it – it’s not a set piece. Ratanak tailors the time you have available to make the absolute most of it. He has a vast knowledge of the history and architecture of the Angkor complex. He knows how to avoid the crowds, he shows you the details that you would miss on your own. He takes care of you – the best places to eat and drink when you need it. He is honest, totally reliable and is excellent value for your money. He has a Cambodian Ministry of Tourism License. If you need help planning a hotel before you arrive, or a bus ticket when you leave, he will help you. He knows Siem Reap as a local would and all the information he shares with you. You may only get to visit Angkor once, so make sure you get the most from your trip, with him.

Jonthan Clarke - London - UK
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We could not have asked for a better tour guide and will be sure to advise all our friends to use him when they visit. We had a 10 month old baby in tow as well, and he was extremely friendly and easy going. We were able to visit Angkor Wat for 2 sunsets with some breathtaking photos that Ratanak helped get us set. If you want to walk away with some amazing memories on film, Ratanak will surely make it happen!

Angkor Wat certified tour guide
Good English – written and verbal (send him an email and compare to other guides - we found his english, spelling and grammar, to be far superior). Plus he already had an itinerary built out based on our travel dates and interests!
Knowledgeable on the history of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and Cambodia
Good Presentation – clean cut and very well mannered
Very flexible on schedule and patient – we had to make many changes along the way and he was very accommodating and able to change things around to suit our schedule.
Good combination with driver and car with a/c (great with little one) – Mr. Lucky, the driver, was very kind-hearted and was always opening doors for us, cooling off the car before we got in, had cold towels for us and cold bottled water

Great photography skills – he knows all the best places and poses to take photographs
Very responsive in email

Check out his website here:

Jeff and Amanda Reierson - Texas - US
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Eric said...

David is one of the best guides we have ever used on our travels throughout the world and we have been to many many places. He is very knowledgable about the ruins and history, super friendly, immaculately dressed and his vehicles are immaculate. He is always prompt and personable and I would highly recommend him as a guide to anyone traveling to Cambodia. David knows when the ruins are visited by the tours and can schedule an itinerary that will maximize your time in the ruins away from the masses and can schedule so you hit the light just right for photography.

Paul from Boston said...

Just finished my second tour with David. Visited Siem Reap a couple of years ago and wanted to come back with a decent camera to see some selected sights and a few things I didn't get to last time. David customised the trip for me including sunrise and sunset visits and some great photo opportunities. David is well informed, accomodating and friendly. Also good at dodging the tour buses to provide a less crowded experience. Gave me some interesting insights into the recent history and the culture of Cambodia in addition to the ancient history of the temples and the Khmer kingdoms. A very enjoyable trip. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend David or to use him again myself.

Jeff N. said...

David is an excellent guide, who I would highly recommend for anyone visiting Siem Reap.

Jeff N. said...

David is an excellent guide, who I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Siem Reap and Angkor.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and humorous.

Martin Frick said...

Our family including my wife, our twin boys aged 7 and my mother in-law travelled the Angkor Wat area for almost a week last year. David managed to come up with a program that fascinated all age groups in our little party. On top of his kind personality he is very knowledgable about the history of Cambodia and was never short of background information about the places we visited. We can highly recomend him as a tour guide for Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

David is a great tour guide. My family really enjoyed our day with him. David was on time, friendly and explained what we were seeing in excellent English. We were impressed with his professionalism and his knowledge of Siam Reap's history. He is a great photographer too. we would highly recommend David to anyone who wish to visit Siam Reap. :)

Phyllis said...

David, like a Cambodian movie star, showed my friend and I around Angor Wat! Very reliable and patient! When it's raining cats and dogs, he could come to the hotel 5 o'clock in the morning to tell us we couldn't see sunrise. Recommended if you find him as your tour guide!

Phyllis said...

David, the famous Cambodia movie star, is strongly recomended for his patience, extensive knowledge about Angkor Wat, and humor. I remember him as reliable person. When it's raining cats and dogs outise, he could come to the hotel 5 o'clock in the morning to tell you the sunrise trip has to be cancelled for obvious reason. He has a nice and clean toyota SUV! I felt sorry sometimes to dirty his car after walking in the mud after the rain.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia. We had done extensive research on best guides and found that Rtanak and Sovann Eath came with strong recommendations. We had Sovann guide us and he did a excellent job explaining the history,culture and relevance of the many temples and historic sights we visited. He was very punctual ,very friendly,and most important very knowledgeable. His English was perfect and his personal perspectives well always offered and informative.

I highly recommend him

Adam said...

Siem Reap holds some of the most beautiful temples and deep rich history. My wife and I spent 2.5 days touring the area and we saw more than we could have ever asked for thanks to David Sovann and the driver Mr Tier. Davids knowlege of the area is exceptional which make you understand every detail that this city has to offer.We must thank David for enriching our lives and giving us some of the best memories to last a life time.

Adam said...

Siem Reap holds some of the most beautiful temples and deep rich history. My wife and I spent 2.5 days touring the area and we saw more than we could have ever asked for thanks to David Sovann and the driver Mr Tier. Davids knowlege of the area is exceptional which make you understand every detail that this city has to offer.We must thank David for enriching our lives and giving us some of the best memories to last a life time.

victoria said...

Would definitely recommend David!

After the glowing recommendations of David on Trip Advisor, we decided to book his guide services for a trip to Siem Reap in February. Having previously been a teacher, David’s English was easy to understand, and for 3 days, we were entertained by his jokes and enlightened by the tidbits of temple history and architecture . And being a photographer himself, he knew the best angles to take photos and helped take group shots for us.

With 5 of us on the trip, David set up a van to take us around and was flexible on the itinerary – which was great for us to avoid crowds and help us see different temples outside of the normal routes (like Beng Mealea). Patient and easy-going, he was social but didn’t drone on about the temples and let us explore at our own pace. But at the same time, David was always there to answer any questions and provide more insight about the temples.

David was completely worth hiring, but he went above went above and beyond on several occasions – first, to help arrange a driver to pick up two friends from Phnom Penh after a last-minute mix-up, and second, to help contact a guide who had found my lost wallet. So helpful and completely responsible and professional.

Would recommend David anytime you’re visiting Siem Reap!

Anonymous said...

David was our tour guide for 3 days in Siem Reap & we enjoyed our trip as David was very informative & relating to us the history of the temples in easy to understand format (unlike some that seems to be memorising all the facts from textbooks). We learned a lot not just about the Angkor Park but also life in Cambodia & had a great visit to Tonle Sap lake. Highly recommend for any 1st timers to Siem Reap.

May & Chang , June 2012

Kumar Dosi said...

David was our tour guide during our Angkor visit in September 2012. He adjusted the tour and itinerary to our requirements very well. He was also quite patient with my photography, and in fact, gave me a few tips of good places to photograph; on top of it, he is himself a good photographer and took some really nice couple pictures of us.

He explained a bit less than what we saw other tour guides doing, but perhaps he was adjusting to my photography or the fact that Indians know a good bit of Hindu and Buddhist history and traditions.

Overall, he is a very good tour guide and a life long friend. Can easily recommend him any day!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

David was an excellent guide who made our Siem Reap trip totally enjoyable! He is punctual, knowledgeable , good photographer and speaks excellent English. Also very accommodative in our chosen itinerary.

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience!

Kim Yen & Lai Kuan July 2013

Joe Wilson - California, USA said...

David was an excellent guide during our visit to Siem Reap this October. He shared his extensive knowledge of the area's history and as an added bonus - took many photos of us at all the key locations. I highly recommend David.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all Hi david
David was a perfect guide during our trip to Siem Reap this august 2015. The visits of the temples were a success among our group of 6 peoples including teenagers. We all loved his comments , his knowledge of the sites and the history of Cambodia. Not the least , he is also a very safe driver during the three days of tour, we never felt in danger while he was driving. If you go ton cambodia you will see that this is a very important matter. He was patient with me photographying the temples, gave us good tips of good places to photograph; on top of it, he is himself a good photographer and took really nice group pictures of us. Thanks again for that.
So we highly recommend David if you need a tour guide in Siem reap
Marc, Paris, August 2015